aboutHey Humans! 

Thank you for listening. I really appreciate it! 
A friend said I should write an About section to explain my impetus for doing the Hey Human podcast. The whole of it is, I want to connect us. At least, as many of us as possible. In having these talks with my guests (from all walks of life, all ethnic backgrounds, sexualities, socio-economics, interests, jobs, histories), it’s my hope we will all hear a little of ourselves somewhere in the lives of others as their stories unfold in conversation.  
I believe all of our journeys, with our similar basic background (born, living, loving, hurting, learning, being and eventually dying) unifies us. Us as in Humanity. But somewhere, somehow along the way, we forget we're all connected to each other, that we're all human beings. I'm trying to remember, too, and I want to foster that remembering in others. I want to make the world smaller. And I want a chord of Understanding to resonate throughout our collective humanity. We’re in this together. 

Susan Ruth