E80 Seko Uaina: Seko Vs. the Giant

E80 Human Seko Uaina is a port truck driver at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach who has, along with other drivers like him, been misclassified as an “independent contractor” by Chinese government owned Intermodal Bridge Transport.  In the U.S., the port trucking industry consists of more than 100,000 truckers, who haul containers filled with everything Americans need (that aren’t made in the US anymore – like clothes, electronics, furniture, textiles, etc.) to “box” stores like Walmart and Target. While the companies and their CEOs profit substantially from the sale of these goods, truckers like Seko and his fellow drivers are suffering in silence over labor abuses, lost wages, long (illegal) hours, indentured servitude and gross mistreatment. (59:00)

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