E66 Asia McClain Chapman: Confessions of a Serial Alibi

E66 – Human Asia McClain Chapman (better known as Asia McClain) was the sole alibi for Adnan Syed’s defense in the murder trial of Hae Min Lee. Made famous by the Serial podcast, Asia was thrust into the middle of the world’s debate as to whether or not Adnan, convicted of the crime and serving a life sentence, was innocent or guilty. Syed’s attorney never took action when Asia claimed to have seen him in the library the day Hae disappeared and since then, there have been many accusations hurled Asia’s way. Why did she come forward? Was she even telling the truth? Fed up with the accusations, Asia wrote a book, Confessions of a Serial Alibi (Post Hill Press) and with it, is determined to set the record straight. (1:12:11)

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