E45 Michelle Chalfant: The Adult Chair and the Iceberg Lettuce Theory

E45 – Human Michelle Chalfant is a therapist, holistic life coach, speaker and author dedicated to helping individuals and couples uncover their true and whole selves by stripping away limiting beliefs, false stories and emotional masks. Michelle has demonstrated that increasing self-awareness is the first step to self-love. Michelle’s Adult Chair model is used to help people understand their inner child, adolescent (ego) and healthy adult more intimately. In doing so, they become able to identify the source of their limiting emotional responses to the world around them. Her work provides a path toward healing, recovery from trauma and grief, and the promise of growth that comes with a life lived from our Adult Chair. Michelle is host of The Adult Chair podcast, and her writing and guided meditations support thousands of listeners, readers, and students around the world. (1:29:46)

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