E31 Bryon Widner: A Journey of a Thousand Miles

E31 – Human Bryon Widner spent most of his rebellious teen years on the streets, an easy mark for his town’s Neo-Nazi Skinhead group. They took Bryon under their wing and over the next twenty years, his brothers-in-hate in various Skinhead groups became his family. He founded some of the most notorious hate groups in the United States.. Somewhere along the way he realized the hate he’d been directing outward was a salve for his own self-loathing. That’s when he began the process of leaving. Unfortunately, it’s hard to start a new life with a body covered in tattoos reflecting a landscape of hate. 2 1/2 years of laser treatments and a documentary later (Erasing Hate), Bryon is now on a mission to spread words of Love and Acceptance. (1:13:29)

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