E25 Brock Hayhoe: Prince of the Dance and Queen of the Drag

E25 Human Brock Hayhoe discovered dance by accident as a teenager (that’s already old in the world of dance) and those in the know discovered he had a natural talent. That talent would eventually gain him scholarships at prestigious dance schools and send Brock around the world as a principal ballet dancer. Still, he was drawn to try his hand at something different, and Brooke Lynn Hytes was born. Now, Brock performs internationally as the celebrated Drag Queen Brooke Lynn Hytes and even won Miss Continental – 2014. Brock’s life has been charmed, for sure, but he’s also worked incredibly hard to master his craft. I’ve seen Brooke Lynn Hytes in action and she is someone to behold! Brock and I had a great conversation about his life and goals and we also discussed dating, politics, religion and saying yes to flying, leaping off the cliff and building your wings as you go. (1:12:40)

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